arielle angel
Kadesh- Recite the KiddushUrchatz- Wash the handsKarpas- Eat a green vegetableYachatz- Break the middle matzahMaggid- Tell the story of PassoverRachtzah- Wash the hands before the mealMotzi Matzah- Eat the matzahMaror- Eat the bitter herbKorechShulchan Orech- Eat the festival mealTzafun- Eat the afikomanBarech- Say grace after the mealHallel- Recite HallelNirtzah- Conclude the seder
Passover Illustrations
A Haggadah is the text you read at the Passover ritual meal, called a seder.

I created these images to accompany a homemade illustrated Haggadah. These illustrations detail the 14 steps that you must go through to complete the ritual meal.

My Haggadah is an inclusive document that focuses on lessons of activism, resistance, and vanquishing oppression in our world. If you would like a PDF copy of my Haggadah, just contact me and ask!