arielle angel
Paros Women, Paros series, 4 of 9Parade, Paros series, 3 of 9Tatami Mats, Paros series, 2 of 9Lily, Paros series, 1 of 9BuildingsBaduTwo Cool NegroesLight BulbsLight Bulbs, detailBirth ControlBeginning to See the LightCatharsisCatharsis, detail
These are selected paintings, created during my undergraduate study in New York University's visual art program. Most of the work illustrates a developing interest in flat color and hard-edged painting, as well as an attraction to craft materials and assemblage on canvas.

The Paros series was created during an abroad term in Paros, Greece with Hellenic International Studies in the Arts. This series is shown here only in part, as it was lost in the Greek postal system and never documented in full.